History of Wirthofs

In the chronicle of Wirthof, our farm name "Wirt" (host) appeared for the first time in 1806 with its then owner Josef Außerhofer.

Subsequently the farm was handed down over generations, until Eduard Außerhofer in 1983 passed the farm to his son and current owner Werner.

Since 1987, the farm is farmed from him and his wife Rita and from their children Alexander, Andreas and Lisa. Alexander works in an office, Andreas works as a carpenter. Lisa attends the Hotel Management School in Bruneck.


All of them help on the farm, when help is needed.


As Werner has his principal activity as a postman outside home, his wife takes over all the work at home and in the farm.

In 2005/2006 the farm was extended. The farm building was rebuilt and 3 apartments for holidays were developed to have a little extra income on the farm. 

Our agricultural holding is located at 1,200 meters above sea level and is a part-time farming. On our farm we have livestock and dairy farming. In the stavle there are 5-6 cows and depending on the seasons also some little calves.

 The milk is collected every day and sent to the dairy operation to Bruneck.

On our farm live some little other animals, too.